Electric Forklift Truck

The GEF Series electric forklift offers compact design and a perfect interplay of powerful output and outstanding run time.

It offers the power to handle the job fast while staying quiet and clean for both indoor and outdoor use.

It offers the power to handle the job fast while staying quiet and clean for both indoor and outdoor use.

Load Capacity Available 1800/2000/2500/3000/3500 kg

Multi Lithium Battery Capacity

0 GHG Emission

Why GEF?

The Greenland Machinery 4-wheel electric forklift trucks exceed the high-performance standards of same class competitors regarding acceleration, speed control and load-lift abilities. They also offer a low operating cost, along with zero-emission.

The Greenland Machinery GEF Series features the perfect combination of productivity and great cost of ownership. Industry leading maneuverability and a range of popular capacities enable the GEF Series to meet even more of your material handling needs.

Why Lithium?

Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Well-Suited For Logistics and Warehouse Operations. With No Performance Degradation And Fast Recharge Capability. Perfect For Any Company That Operate Modern, Highly Synchronized And Partially Automated Intralogistics.

↗  High energy density

↗  High efficiency

↗  Short charging times

↗  Maintenance free

↗  Long life span 

Ergonomic Adjustable Steering Wheel & Seat

To achieve a comfortable drive position, the angle of the steering column and the seat can easily be adjusted.

Regenerative Braking

When braking, slowing down, or turning, the motor also acts as an electric generator, automatically producing electricity and stored in the forklift's batteries.

Operator Friendly Monitor

The LCD monitor allows the operator to easily and efficiently control the machine. The monitor provides information about speed, battery remaining capacity, hour meter & working mode. The operator can select various performance modes to meet all working conditions.

Intelligent Cushion

The lowering speed will be automatically slowed down when the fork is lowered to 60 mm to 100 mm above the ground, preventing the goods from hitting the grounf under the inertia effect.

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