Electric Wheeled Front Loader

The GEL-1800 electric loader is the first-of-its-kind industrial vehicle to be able to deliver power performance with an all-electric drive system. With a 1.8 ton rated operating load and 9-hour operation time, the GEL-1800 offers the power to handle the job efficiently while staying quiet and clean for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Rated Load - 1,800 kg
  • Operation Time - Up To 9 Hours
  • Charge Time* - 2 Hours
    * Optional 60/90 KW output charging facility required
  • 5,200 kg Operating Weight
  • 141 kWh Battery Capacity
  • Zero Operating GHG Emissions

GEL-1800 Electric Loader Applications



Waste Management


Property Management


GEL-1800 Key Technical Specifications
Electric Drive Motor (Rated Power)
75 kW / 102 hp
Electric Working Motor (Rated Power)
30 kW / 40.8 hp
Loading Capacity
1,800 kg / 3,968 lbs
Operating Weight
5,200 kg / 11,464 lbs
Battery Capacity
140.95 kWh
Battery Voltage
618.24 V
Steering Angle
± 30°
Maximum Dumping Height (at angle of 45°)
2,450 mm / 8 ft
Maximum Dumping Distance (at angle of 45°)
850 mm / 2.79 ft
Maximum Travel Speed
26 km/h / 16 mph
Charging time 90 KW input
1.5 hours
Charging time 60 KW input
2.5 hours
Charging time 12 KW input
13 hours
Maximum Runtime (Indicative)
9 hours

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