8-Ton Electric Excavator

This excavator has the power to get the job done without the pollution generated by traditional internal combustion engines. With no carbon emissions generated through operation the GEX-8000 is a safer option for the workplace, your operators and the local community.

8,500kg Operating Weight

140.95 kWh Mega Battery Capacity

0 GHG Emission

0 kg
Rated Load
0 kN
Max. Digging Force
0 hrs
Operation Time (Up to)
0 hrs
Charge Time *

* Optional 90 Kw output charging facility required.

GEX-8000 Key Technical Specifications

GEX-8000 Key Technical Specifications
Electric Drive Motor (Rated Power)
46.5 kW / 63.2 hp
Operating Weight
8,500 kg / 18,739 lbs
Battery Capacity
140.95 kWh
Battery Voltage
618.24 V
Max. Digging Force
50 kN
Min. Ground Clearance
380 mm / 14.96 inch
Max Grade Ability
≥ 70% (35°)
System Working Pressure
28 MPa
Charging time 90 KW input
1.5 hours
Charging time 60 KW input
2.5 hours
Charging time 12 KW input
13 hours
Maximum Runtime (Indicative)
9 hours

GEx-8000 Electric Loader Applications



Waste Management


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