Prebooking | Terms And Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions (the “Terms”) which you are subject to when making a prebooking of a Greenland Machinery GEL-1800 electric wheel loader or the Greenland Machinery GEX-8000 electric excavator (the “Electric Machine”) with Greenland Technologies Corp. (the “Company”) which allows you the opportunity to place a future order of the selected Electric Machine from the Company.

These Terms only apply to the Prebooking service. The future purchase or lease of an Electric Machine will be subject to different terms and conditions between you and the Company or a Greenland Machinery dealer.

1. Prebooking

By entering a Prebooking, you agree to be bound by these Terms and confirm your genuine interest in placing a future order of an Electric Machine when they become ready for sale in your region (the “Order”). This Prebooking provides you with the opportunity, but not the obligation to place an Order. These Terms do not secure a specific unit in the production sequence of the Electric Machine. As such, we cannot guarantee the timing, pricing or ability that you will be able to place an Order.

These Terms explicitly do not constitute an agreement for the sale, lease, or rental of an Electric Machine. It does not oblige you to purchase, lease or rent an Electric Machine and does not oblige us to produce an Electric Machine, nor sell, lease or rent it to you.

2. Availability

This Prebooking service is only available for individuals or entities in the United States of America (the “Country”). You acknowledge that the Electric Machine can only be purchased or leased and delivered within the Country.

By entering this Agreement, you understand that we may not have completed the development of the Electric Machine or begun manufacturing the Electric Machine at the time of your Prebooking. We cannot guarantee the timing on when you will have the opportunity to place an Order. Images of the Electric Machine may differ from the production Electric Machine.

3. Prebooking Process

You have the ability to Prebook a maximum of one (1) Greenland Machinery GEL-1800 electric wheel loader and/or one (1) Greenland Machinery GEX-8000 electric excavator. Any efforts to Prebook additional Electric Vehicles by the same entity will be cancelled.

The Prebooking process is finalized when the following steps have been completed:

  1. Completion of the prebooking form available on the Greenland Machinery website;
  2. Confirmed acceptance of these Terms;
  3. Successful payment of the Prebooking Fee (as defined below);
  4. You have received a confirmation receipt of your Prebooking Fee payment and of the Prebooking by us (the “Prebooking Confirmation”);

When the Prebooking process is complete, then you will be placed on the prebooking list for the selected Electric Machine(s). You will receive communications about the development, estimated order time, delivery and other details and updates regarding the availability for the Order of the Electric Machine.

4. Prebooking Fee

The Prebooking price per Electric Machine is 250 USD (the “Prebooking Fee”). Payment method and instructions are provided on our website for the Prebooking to be processed. Failure to pay the Prebooking Fee in accordance with the payment instructions will result in the automatic cancellation of your Prebooking.

5. Right of Cancellation and Non-Binding Nature Of Prebooking

You may cancel your Prebooking at any time and receive a full refund of the Prebooking Fee. Prebook cancellation requests must be sent to [email protected]. Cancellation requests will be processed as soon as reasonably possible after receiving the cancellation notice.

We reserve the right to cancel your Prebooking at any time at our discretion. If your Prebooking is cancelled by us, then you will be notified and your Prebooking Fee will be fully refunded.

A refund of the Prebooking Fee will be made to the same account from which you made the payment as soon as reasonably practicable. No interest will be paid on the Prebooking Fee.

6. Placement Of An Order

Individuals and entities on the Prebooking list may be invited to place an Order to purchase or lease the Electric Machine. We cannot guarantee or provide an estimate on the timing when you will have the opportunity to place an Order. If you do not wish to order an Electric Machine under the available ordering options, then you have the right to cancel these Terms and receive a full refund of your Prebooking Fee.

When notified of the availability of an Electric Machine, you will have fourteen (14) calendar days to place your Order. This Order will be governed by a separate and legally binding purchase or lease agreement and related terms and conditions.

If an Order is made for an Electric Machine, then, at purchaser discretion, the Prebooking Fee can be applied to the purchase or lease pricing or fully refunded per clause 5 above.

If an Order is not placed for an Electric Machine within fourteen (14) days following the notification of availability, then the Prebooking will be cancelled and your Prebooking Fee will be fully refunded in accordance with clause 5 above.

7. Transfer Of The Prebooking

A Prebooking may not be transferred or assigned to another person or entity without prior written approval from the Company. We may assign or transfer our rights and obligations to a third party without your approval, but subject to our communication of such a transfer to you.

8. Limitation Of Liability

Under no circumstances will we or any of our affiliates, be liable or responsible for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of or in connection to your Prebooking (except as may be required under mandatory law), including (without being limited hereto) any failure to perform, or delay in the performance of, your Prebooking.

Your sole and exclusive remedy relate to your Prebooking or these Terms will be limited to a reimbursement of the Prebooking Fee paid to us (if any).

9. Force Majeure

We are not liable to you for your business losses that you suffer due to any event beyond our reasonable control. If such an event takes place that affects our performance or our obligations, you will be notified as soon as reasonably possible.

10. Customer Service

Any questions regarding your Prebooking can be sent to [email protected] .

11. Privacy Policy

By placing a Prebooking, you acknowledge that you accept our Privacy Policy.

12. Governing Law And Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Disputes that arise from these Terms, and which cannot be settled amicably between the parties, will be finally settled by arbitration through the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgement on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

13. Amendments

We reserves the right, when necessary, to modify and revise these Terms. In such an event, we will provide you with the new Terms and relevant information with respect to the amended Terms. Should you not agree with the changes, then you may cancel your Prebooking.